Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crafting Supplies Hunting at Divisoria

Since I'm now starting my own small invitation printing business...i need to look for cheaper supplies for my crafting needs. There's only one place that i can think of when it comes to the word "affordable and cheap"...none other than Divisoria. 

So without further ado here are some of the cute crafting stuff i found and bought from Divisoria.
super cute fabric crafting tape (Php20 each)
Ribbons (Php35-80 per roll)
"it's much cheaper to buy full roll of ribbons at Divi . You'll definitely go gaga with the hundreds of colors and designs to choose from"
little bunnies in blue and pink
Hello Kitty buttons
baby color buttons
Of course my Divi hunting will not be complete without buying stuff for my kids, for the house and for me.
Leggings for my Khloe girl (Php50 each)
Cute dress for my Kloi-Kloi (Php250)
Since Klohe is starting to love Hello Kitty...i bought her some cute Kitty stuff...
Kitty Panties (3 for Php100)
Red Hello Kitty Mini Back Pack (Php350)
Curtains for the Guest Room (Php150)
and of course....white flats for me!
Nothing beats Divi Shopping...Super LIKE!


anythingradiant.com said...

Wow. I wish I have the same hunting skills! I haven't been quite lucky in my Divisoria trips.

camille ordas said...

can you tell where exactly in divisoria can i buy the crafting tape?

Anonymous said...

Hi, for what age are the panties and where can it be found?

Anonymous said...

Whre excatly in divi? Tnx シ

Anonymous said...

hi! san po nyo exactly nbili un mga ribbons and buttons in divi? thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi would like to know where did you bought your embellishments in divisoria? thanks

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