Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kimi's 4th Birthday Preparation

For Kimi's 4th Birthday this coming April 4, 2012, we just made a reservation at Canyon Cove. We just decided not to gave him a party since it falls on a Holy Week, Plus we want Kimi to have his first beach experience on his special day. We didn't consider resorts that will require plane ride, since it would be very stressful for our little girl. 

Photos of Canyon Cove from
The Hotel.
The Beach.
The Pool.
The Playground.
Have you been to Canyon Cove?
Did i make the right choice?


Eve said...

I've been there for two days...

The food is not super good, as well as the beach side.

Swimming pool is quite huge. This is the only thing that I love in Canyon Cove. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ms Eve is right..the food is not good & so expensive, but the room is cozy...the pool and beach are very nice..have safe trip...

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