Friday, March 2, 2012

One Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday (26th day of February 2012), we started the day by having our weekend morning stroll at San Miguel by the Bay MOA with the kids, a breakfast at Jollibee Libertad and a whole day bonding with our two kulilits in our house. 
Our Morning Stroll Family Photo
Huge Ferris wheel at SMB MOA.
A ride costs P150.00 per head.
For our lunch...i cooked my very first "Nilaga"
Photos of my little Kloi-Kloi
Khloe showing his Daddy the Stick-o on her tongue
Khloe's cute pose in exchange of one Stick-o
My super cute little poser...
Her cheeks are so red due to the hot weather. She's a certified Aircon girl like his brtoher.
It's very important to spend a lot of time with your kids.
We always make it a point to talk and bond with them almost everyday.
They really make our day happy and complete.

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