Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Visit from our Favorite Friends: The Raqueno's and The Carabeo's

Last Monday (27th of February 2012), we're visited by one of our favorite set of friends..
The Raqueno's (Awie, Shie, Zac and Zia) and The Carabeo's (Jhonix and Benz).
The two "hunks" are hubby's best buddies since college.
We rarely see each other since The Raqueno's are already based in Singapore.
We really had lots of fun and memorable trips together.
I just really miss travelling with them.

Photos of the Day
We had Domino's pizza for "merienda"
Handsome Zac and Pretty Zia having fun at the Playroom
Our Favorite Set of Friends
(Jhonix, Benz, Idol, Awie and Shie)
So Happy to bond with them...
Pretty Wives on the House!
Our last stop...Dinner at ChicBoy LP
Thanks Awie and Shie for this sweet treat! I Love It!
More photos of The Visit Here

Thanks for the visit. 
(Raqueno's) It feels so great seeing you again specially your adorable kids.
(Carabeo's) Congrats and Goodluck to your upcoming baby boy.
Looking forward to travel again with you guys.
Sir Otep we really miss you..hoping to see you soon.
2006: Our Trip to Pagudpud

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