Friday, April 20, 2012

Saturday Bonding Time at Festival Mall

Last Saturday (14th of April 2012) after the Formula1 Qualifying we decided to bring the kids to Festival Mall, Alabang.  As usual...we rode the Festival Grand Train Station, the Festival Grand Carousel and Kimi had his 1st solo driving experience at Kiddo Driving School.

Photos of the Day
Me with my Little Kloi Kloi
Khloe with Yaya Carmen
Hubby, Khloe, Yaya Memen and Kimi.
Kimi waiting for his turn at Kiddo Driving School
Buckle Up!
Funny Video of Kimi's 1st kiddie driving experience.

 Kimi was too slow...but still nobody was able to overtake...good job!
Khloe enjoying a Carousel Ride
Even hubby enjoyed it too...
Khloe...goofing around with a nappy on her head.  
Another simple yet fun Family Bonding Time.
Super Like!

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jhessa said...

hahaha... cute!

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