Friday, April 27, 2012

Tardiness Hall of Famer = Suspension (19th of April 2012) marks my 1st day of suspension due to excessive tardiness. I just can't go to work on time since my kids and I do play in the morning (extra bonding moment). Our office working hours starts at 8:30am, but most of the time I arrive past 9am (sometimes 10am...hahaha "#evillaugh). But after receiving the memo...instead feeling disappointed or sad....i was really happy. I have 3 days which i can use to spend time with my kids and with my small business.

I spend the whole day at Hubby's office to finish my biggest order, which is the Hello Kitty No.1 Invites. I need to make 200pcs. of it with matching envelope...tough job it is...considering that i cut everything by hand.
1st on my schedule: give this personalized magnets to our messenger to be delivered to my client in Makati.
then cut 200pcs. of Hello Kitty No.1 Invites by hand...
Look what i did to hubby's office...i made a mess!...
200pcs. of Hello Kitty No.1 Invites done...after 5 hours of continuous cutting.
Work accomplished!
Of course my day ended with a playtime with my kids.

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