Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PGIC 62nd Anniversary @ Canyon Cove

Photos of the night...
KAPUKS!..."birds of the same feather always have fun together"...hahaha
Ok...busy time again...making a BINGO powerpoint
Canyon Cove Dinner Buffet
PGIC Peoples Choice 2012 Contestants
PGIC Peoples Choice 2012 Contestants
PGIC People's Choice 2012 Winners
Prize: Trip to Asian Country with pocket money
Plaque for Loyalty Awardees that i designed
The Hard Working Committees
(Top from left to right)  Anna, Ate Rizza, Ate Em, Romz, Ate Weng, Isabel, Kapuks Glenda, Jhessa, Sir Bing
(Below from left to right) Kuya Manny, Mam She, Richard and Me
The Committee Having Fun....

We pull it off...our anniversary was a blast...
Everyone enjoyed the night... from the pageant to the silly games...
plus the super BINGO where luckily i won Php5,000.
Kudos to Us Committee!

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