Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PGIC Canyon Cove Outing (Day2)

Finally! a real food at lunch...Nothing extravagant...but at least it passed our hungry fangs!
Canyon Cove Salad
Canyon Cove Spring Rolls
Canyon Cove Canton Noodles
Canyon Cove Chopsuey
Canyon Cove Afritada
Canyon Cove Apple Crumble
Photos of the Day
Having so much fun at Canyon Cove's beach
Having fun in Canyon Cove's pool with my future boyfriend...hahaha...Cradle snatcher indeed!
Happy Family...uyyyy
Daddy Eren, Mommy Glendz, Baby Luis and Mommy Bernie
with my MIS boys
Last photo with Edison before he left PGIC
with the Gals ready to go home...i miss my little kulilits!
All in all our outing was really a blast...full of fun events and memories.
Canyon Cove Resort was impressive in terms of the facilities...but not much in service specially when it comes to their food.
The resort looks classy and it really is when it comes to accommodation price...but i just don't get it...why cant they hire great cooks...well just a suggestion.
Till next time peeps!

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