Monday, May 2, 2011

Khloe's 7th Month + Robinson's Manila = Happy Sunday

Yesterday was Khloe's 7th Month Birthday, Thank God because she's growing up to be a healthy, beautiful and smart little girl (just like her Dad). The 1st plan was to eat lunch at Tagaytay to celebrate this special day, but my sister called and asked me to accompany them to Robinson's Place Manila. Since my Brother-in-Law just started to learn how to drive and he's not familiar about Manila Routes, i then serve as their GPS. 

Hubby still needs to meet one of his client at Laguna so he just dropped me at my parents house. My brother-in-law drove us to Manila and Thank God, we arrived safe and alive at Robinson's Manila (Peace, Edwin...). Driving here in Manila is very challenging due to lots of inconsiderate drivers and distracting motorcycles. We arrived there at 3 p.m. and first went to the Food Court to have our lunch. Of all the choices, my sis decided to settle at Inihaw Express, since she really misses pinoy foods.

Our Favorite "Papaitan"
(like sinampalukan but has pig intestines and liver as meat)
Their super oily sizzling pork
(lots of cholesterol...pineapple juice please...)
Then proceed to our outfit hunting. My sister hates shopping specially the fitting part, she doesn't like long mall strolls as well. So we ended up just looking inside Robinson's Department store and exclude looking in other boutiques. Atleast the department store is big and complete enough to find what we need.

i ended up buying this sandals
At about 7 pm, hubby called and informed us at that he already ordered dinner for us. We meet him at Ming Yuen Kitchen, another resto that caters Chinese Dishes.

Ming Yuen Kitchen, not that big and an open resto
Here are Hubby's order
Stir Fried Birthday Noodle (Php 290)
"very tasty and full of tender beef meat"
Spicy Steamed Beef with Soy Sauce (Php 290)
"tender beef but with a spicy kick"
My ever favorite Salt and Pepper Squid (Php 240)
"just the right texture and tenderness, with a balance spice and perfect with vinegar"
Breaded Pork Strips (Php 240)
Pickeld Mixed Noodle with Spareribs (Php 160)
Soy Chicken (Php 180)
"tasty and juicy"
Other shots from Khloe's 7th Month celebration...

My Princess and My King
My Prince, Princess, King and their Yaya's
It was another tiring but fun Sunday for us. 
Indeed, this will be a very hectic week for us most specially for my brother.
Happy 7th Month Birthday my Princess, we love u so much...

Ming Yuen Kitchen Menu:

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