Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home - Tile Hunting

Yesterday was one busy day for us and architect. After a short briefing with the workers about the installation of some fixtures, we headed to Home Depot and Wilcon Pasong Tamo to purchase tiles which is due for installation this week. But since it's already lunch time, we decided to eat first at ChicBoy. It's already my nth time here but still loving it...
As expected ChicBoy Las Pinas Branch is always jam-pack
Our Order
Lumpiang Sariwa for me (Php 40.00)
"just ok for the price"
Gisang KangKong (Php 30.00)
"like it more than Chowking's Version, crunchier and a lot tastier"
Sigang na Salmon (Php 55.00)
"with just the right sourness and very tasty"
My Previous Blog About ChicBoy

At Home Depot
I so love this Red Water Closet by Roca (Php 93,640.00)
"but too expensive for my poop...hahaha"
Color Combination for the Powder Room
Powder Room Tiles we bought for Php 175.00 per piece
My ideal powder room cabinet
Our Bed Options
JB Julian Queen size Bed plus Bedding Set (Php 46,960.00) 
John King Size Bed (Php 29,980.00)
Cute Wall Ledges
Kitchen Wares Cabinet Organizer from Rosette Italia (Php 1,785 each)
Rotating Dresser
"how i wish i could have this"
Pants Rec (Php 1,125.00)
"will surely purchase one of this for our walk-in-closet"
My Ideal Walk-In-Closet Cabinet
We are planning to buy this Red Lavatory by Onda Products for the Powder Room (Php 7,000) 
Our purchases from Home Depot
"Tiles for the powder room and kitchen ware cabinet organizer"
At Wilcon
i was wowed by this expensive glass mosaic by Bisazza, Php 5, 160.00 per piece? really one jaw dropping house piece.
cute tile color combination
our tile choice for the common CR
"of course with a touch of R.E.D"
Our Purchases from Wilcon
Feeling a bit bad because we had to sacrifice our Sunday bonding time with the kids.
One tiring yet productive day.
Again, Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

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