Monday, July 25, 2011

My 168 Mall and Robinson's Ermita Great Buy

Just wanna share my 168 Mall and Robinson's Ermita Sale Great Buys.

From 168 Mall
White Ribboned Flats (Php 250.00)
Casual Red Striped Dress (Php 450.00)
Lefties, White Long Sleeve (Php 50.00)
Get Laud, Brown Sando (Php 200.00)
Cute Polka Dots Blazer (Php 330.00)
Polka Dots Blazer Details
B&W Stripe Blazer (Php 330.00)
White Wrap Around Japanese Belt (Php 80.00)
At Robinson's Ermita Sale

Robinson's Ermita Terranova Sale
Terranova Tiered skirt plain
sale from Php 995.00 to Php 695.00
Proof that stylish fashion need not to be expensive.

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