Monday, November 21, 2011

Kimi's 1st Mulberry Assessment Card

Three weeks ago...we got Kimi's 1st Assessment Card from Mulberry.
So far so good...just a little attention and routine difficulty....
but i know sooner he'll learn to master that.

- Kimi is a sweet boy, always approaching to give a naughty smile.
"that's Kimi's signature smile at home...but they call it the "Naughty Smile" at school"
here's a sample of his "Naughty Smile"
- He can count on a one-to-one correspondence up to ten.
"he can even count from 1-30 at home"

- He identifies almost all colors and some shapes.
- He enjoys parallel play with his classmates

Good Job!

He needs improvement on the following
- He should learn to follow classroom rules and routines.
"it's a big adjustment to him, because he's the boss at home...there's no rules"
-He needs to positively respond to correction and not resort to crying.
"It's our fault, admittedly...he was spoiled"
- He has to be engaged in English conversation at home so he will adopt it as a second language.
"nose mommy"

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