Monday, November 21, 2011

First Billing from CordLife

We just received our 1st billing from Cordlife for my daughter's Cord Blood Bank Storage. 
Storing a Cord Blood at Cordlife is really an is not required... but i think it will be very beneficial for my kids health issues in the future.

We'll be paying this amount every year for 18 years as payment for CordLife's storage fee.
This amount is very reasonable, because it will give us peace of mind regarding our kids health lives.

Storing Your Baby's Cord Blood Can Save Your Kids' Lives

As a parent, your child's health is paramount. See why Giselle Sanchez and Tintin Bersola-Babao have stored their babies' cord blood samples to insure against future medical problems. By Liana Smith-Bautista
You buy insurance for your car, your house, your business, your health—even your life—as a financial buffer against the unforeseeable. So why not invest in a different kind of insurance, one that gives not just your child but your whole family a contingency against health problems—for issues like cancer, diabetes, brain damage, or heart disease—that can come up later in life? 

CordLife Ltd., out of Singapore, offers you the chance to do exactly that, and in a cheaper way than before, having opened their first cord blood processing and cryopreservation facility in the Philippines. Pinay mothers have already been using this service out of the Singapore facility, including actress Giselle Sanchez and TV personality Tintin Bersola-Babao, but now that this service is available in the Philippines, it's more accessible and more affordable!

Now, at this point, you may be going, “The what, what, and what facility?” Well, read on for a crash course in what exactly is being offered here.


Joy said...

i also best recommend Cord life,it is really a big help for the family's health. you said 18 years? i thought only for 15 yrs. lang ang lifespan ng cord stem storage?

Bernie Gonzales-Reyes said...

mam joy thanks for the kc sabi sa contract...possible daw po hangang 18 years...

Vanenie said...

I want this sana.. for my 2nd baby din. My firstborn has CP e. Kaya lang the initial payment is too much for us, we can't afford it.

By the way, sis I suggest you blur your personal contact details in your photos. For your own safety lang din. We won't know kung may magbalak gamitin sa hindi maganda yung contact details mo. :)

Gladys | said...

this is great! i should think about this when i get to have my second baby ^-^

Yanna said...

Love the concept of Cordlife, I just wish it just wasn't that expensive though. :(

Prolly for my second baby, when we have finished all the things we need to prep for.

kay said...

a great idea ... I just don't believe much in it.

also vanenie is right ... blur the personal details :)

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